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How to choose a water soluble paper manufacturer?

2019/03/11 17:50
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Water-soluble paper is an adhesive product used for special needs such as medical water-soluble packaging, waterproof labels for printed matter, food inner packaging, toys, etc. You can't imagine what water-soluble paper was used for in the past? Water-soluble paper was used earlier Emergency handling of classified information in military intelligence emergency. At present, the application of water-soluble paper is still relatively extensive. Although water-soluble paper is also an adhesive product, there is still a big difference between water-soluble paper and adhesive products such as hot-melt adhesive film and hot-melt mesh film in the application field!




What types of water-soluble paper are there? Water-soluble paper is mostly used for welding, and water-soluble paper can be quickly and completely dissolved in most liquids. Water soluble paper can effectively control argon and helium when welding steel and aluminum pipes. Water soluble paper can be divided into the following categories:

1. Black paper:

Black paper is used in the abrasives industry, such as as reinforcement mesh on resin grinding wheels or alkali-free grinding wheels, interlayer cloth between glass fiber meshes, grinding wheel trademark printing or printing primer, etc. Black paper: It has the characteristics of no color change and no light transmission when exposed to high temperature.

2. Oil filter paper:

It is used to filter industrial organic suspensions such as petrochemical products and industrial oils to separate solid and semi-solid impurities.

The oil filter paper is made of pure cotton, which has good filtration absorption and considerable compressive strength. Scope of application: power plants, oil refineries, smelters, petrochemicals and other industries.

3. Waxed paper:

The base paper of different thicknesses is wax-coated on the surface, which has extremely high moisture resistance, water resistance and oil penetration resistance. For packaging, moisture-proof, anti-sticking.

Of course, water-soluble paper manufacturers will customize suitable products according to the needs of buyers. These problems need to be listed before we purchase, and we need to communicate and negotiate with the manufacturers to solve them. Anhui Dingyang Bio-based Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on the field of biodegradation. products of high-tech enterprises. Welcome to inquire and negotiate!