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How to identify the quality of water-soluble film products?

2019/03/11 17:46
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Quality has always been the primary criterion for users to choose items, and the same is true for customers in the purchase of water-soluble film. How to identify the quality of the product, it is recommended to consider the following aspects.

1) Water solubility:

The water-soluble film requires that water can be dissolved in water above 4°C. The faster it dissolves, the better.

The less residue left after dissolution, the better.

The clearer the dissolved water, the better. Water-soluble film

2) Appearance quality:

The smoother the winding, the better. The outer surface of the winding should not have obvious bumps and wrinkles

The flatter the two end faces of the roll film, the better, within ±2mm.

The surface of the film should not have defects such as bubbles, perforations, slag inclusions, black spots, etc.

3) Mechanical strength:

The tensile strength is required to be above 25Mpa. Too little is easy to break.

The elongation at break is required to be above 180%. Less than that, it is not soft.

The right-angle tear resistance is required to be about 80KN/m. Otherwise, it is very brittle when it breaks.

4) Storage time: The water-soluble film with stable quality can be stored for more than 1-2 years (in the case of no moisture).

And the poor quality water-soluble film is stored for 1-2 months, due to the unstable quality, many chemical components will be removed from the film.

Precipitated, a lot of white dust appeared. Severe rolled film will turn black and discolor.

The above are some suggestions for the water-soluble film. I hope that the majority of users and friends can help. At the same time, if you have any needs, please call to order. I look forward to your sincere cooperation.