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How to use water soluble film

2019/03/11 17:44
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How to use the water-soluble film, the water-soluble film (dissolving at room temperature without leaving any residue) is mainly used for embroidery processing of some high-grade fabrics, and the fabrics that are afraid of temperatures above 70 degrees, such as: (discoloration, shrinkage, deformation, etc.) are used as pads on the bottom of embroidery fabrics ( It can also be directly embroidered on the water-soluble non-woven fabric), the product has low temperature water solubility. As long as it is soaked in water at room temperature for about ten seconds, it can be completely dissolved. Using cold water to dissolve embroidery can completely avoid the above problems, and high-quality embroidery patterns can be presented. Tap water at room temperature dissolves in water for about 8 seconds.